South Coast Tropical Fish Society is a local aquarium club that would like to educate and learn from one another in the aquatic hobby. We are local like minded aquarist and breeders that want to get together as a community. We would like healthy discussions. If you have ornamental or naturally accruing set. Our meetings are free and open to the public. Come join us. We are a family friendly club with a goal to meet once a month. We will have seminars on aquatic related talks, live demonstrations and various other things to do with the hobby. For example, we plan on having a demos for resealing an aquarium, how to DIY an overflow filter. Have speakers talk about cycling a tank to the history where killifish come from. Our main goal is to bring the younger generation hobbyists together with the older generation. Bring some new blood to the hobby and keep it thriving locally. We are currently work with local stores to participate in a discount program. Paid members will receive a yearly membership card to present to shops to receive discounts.